Consign & Thrift

Consignment: How It Works

Step One: Prepare your items.

Wash, sort and organize your items. Please avoid including items that have obvious flaws, like big stains, rips, tears or strong odours. Please do up all zippers, buttons, and snaps. The better your items look when you drop them off, the sooner we can sell them!

If you want the best chance of not having to pick up items we cannot accept, please read our "Consignor Tips" page carefully. Take note of what we can and cannot accept.

Items should be put into a box or bin and clearly marked with the following:

  • First and Last Name
  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • If you have more than one box/bin, clearly mark them as 1/3, 2/3, 3/3 etc. 

Step Two: Ready to Consign

By this point, you should have read our Terms & Conditions, but in case you missed it, please read them carefully. Once you are done, fill in our Consignor Form

We will email you within 2-3 business days to arrange pick up/drop off of your items. We offer FREE pick up to the residents of Pitt Meadows, Maple Ridge, Tri-Cities, and Langley.

We will sort & select your items at the time of drop off or pick up (time permitting). If this is not possible, your items will be sorted & selected within 5 business days. We do our best to select items based on current trends, condition and demand. Items we cannot take will be donated or available for you to pick up, as per your preference. 

Items will remain for sale for approximately 90 days. If items do not sell within this time period, they will be donated or returned to you, as per your preference specified on the consignor form. An email will be sent to inform you that your unsold items are available for pick up. You will have 7 days from the day the email is sent to pick up your unsold items. All items remaining after this 7 day period will be considered abandoned and donated to a charity of our choice. 

Step Three: Payment

At the time of consignment you will choose a payment option. Based on your choice you will receive payment one of three ways:

1. Bow & Co will buy your items from you upfront for 30% of our retail price. Payment will be made via e-transfer within 24 hours of pick up/drop off.

2. You consign your items and receive payment via e-transfer once your items sell for 40% of our retail price. If you would like to request payment prior to 90 days, please contact us at

3. You consign your items and receive 50% of Bow & Co's retail price in consignor's credit when your items sell.

IMPORTANT: The payment method you choose at time of consignment cannot be changed. 


Thrift: How It Works

This is an option for when you just want the clothes gone and you never want to see them again or deal with selling them yourself.

The process is pretty simple: Wash the clothes, put the clothes in a box (no plastic bags, please), then contact us to arrange a time to drop off or have us come pick it up. 

When we receive boxes of clothing, we will look over each item and select what meets our Bow & Co curator standards. Anything that doesn't will be donated to a charity of our choosing.